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You may remember having seen something presented by National Geographic about Amazonian jungle birds flying miles to eat clay from a special deposit. Links to YouTube’s select footage is also available on several websites and blogs such as
Geophagy, or the phenomenon of eating mineral bound clay is not exclusive to macaws.

While six species of macaws are known to frequent exposed Amazonian clay deposits in cliffs bounding rivers and waterways, nearly a dozen parrots, parrotlets, and lorikeets also known to be geophagas ("clay-eaters").  Sulphur-crested Cockatoos also have been known to engage in geophagy to detoxify their food.

Shamans and doctors have used clay for a 1000 years

Over the centuries the ancients have known of the healing properties of the so-called, edible clays. Civilizations as culturally diverse as the Essenes, Chinese, Mayans and Anasazi practiced clay healing. In the southwestern deserts of the USA and Mexico, fabled medicine men regularly trekked up to 100 miles to their prized caches of living clay.

Today, clay is being rediscovered not only for mud baths and facials, but also as a topical application for a host of human skin problems including: acne, sunburn, Eczema, Psoriasis, and warts.

Coupled with internal usage (usually 650mg of 30 - 60 mesh material in capsules or tablets, taken twice daily, in-between meals)  

steady testimonials stream-in to beauticians, practitioners and health consultants alike, about the reduction of wrinkles, sun spots, varicose veins, and heavy metal accumulations in the vital organs. Taken internally, as a supplement via capsules or tablets, seems to speed up its healing properties.

Oral supplements may also be taken at the same time as topical remedies are practiced.  Several physicians even have gone on-record commenting about the positive affects that clay, particularly montmorillonite, has had on temperament, and the psychology of certain troubled individuals.

How could an item as simple as clay perform so many wonderful "cures"?

Clay absorbs (takes matter into its molecular structure) and adsorbs (causes foreign material to stick to the outside of its tiny particles) heavy metals, trace elements, organic substances, and other minerals.

These often come with the package, so to say. When a person, or jungle bird for that matter, ingests one of the wholesome clays, this colloidal substance goes to work cleansing the living thing from impurities, as well as, remineralizing it at the same time.

Unwanted deposits of heavy metals are removed from the body while required elements are replenished. Toxins and pathogens are purged, hence inflammation, diminishes.

As the body re-acquires the essential building blocks from the clay and rids itself of undesirable matter, the whole metabolism benefits. The organism is now better able to defend itself from a whole plethora of parasites, and returns to an improved absorption and elimination routine because it now digests its food more fully. Friendly bacteria can actually flourish in an environment where clay has been administered.

This means that neither we, nor the animals, have to eat as much to acquire the nutrition we seek because the trace elements in the clay induce and speed up vital reactions leading to better assimilation of nutrients.

For body builders and persons who wish to look and feel fit, taking the right clay can mean the difference between getting the essential trace elements, or not.

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