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Supplement Fact Panel

TGE (Thermo Genetics Extreme™) is so incredibly unique and different that you will feel the difference the very first time you take it! This is a product designed for those who are serious about burning fat!

Cutting Edge Fat Burning
We use a synergetic blend of 16 cutting edge, fat burning ingredients that have been clinically tested and proven to better target problem areas such as the abdomen, legs, buttocks, and hips. The Genetics Tech® research team has developed a truly unique delivery system that makes all other diet and energy products obsolete!

Liquid Vegetable Caps
Due to our use of easy to swallow Liquid Vegetable Caps, Thermo Genetics Extreme™ is 100% BIO-AVAILABLE!! This means that there are no other steps in the breakdown process between swallowing our supplement and its absorption into your body. In caplets, tablets, and conventional capsules there are several factors that occur in the breakdown process which lead to the loss of key ingredients in a supplement. Thermo Genetics Extreme’s™ design cuts out the middle men and gives you the most rapid release possible!!! Over time oxidation occurs in gelatin capsules. This means the ingredients inside of the capsules will eventually harden. Due to our advanced manufacturing process, internal oxidation does not occur in our Liquid Gel Vegetable Caps!!

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